Janet Liphook is a Surrey-based landlord with five properties in her portfolio. Having lived in Surrey her whole life, Janet decided to purchase five local homes as an investment to pass onto her children. Janet is a private landlord and is responsible for most repairs to her properties from electrical wiring, to baths and toilets, doors and windows.


Having five properties can be costly when things go wrong. Despite having landlord insurance to cover any major, costly issues, Janet finds herself still having to pay out for repairs to her rental properties regularly. Historically, Janet had a trade account with a major high street retailer and DIY store to purchase stock needed for the repairs, however, this was proving expensive and not cost effective.


Janet found Builders Bay, an online marketplace for builders, renovators and DIYers helping them to build and renovate for less, buy and sell surplus materials and salvage ex-display stock. Janet was able to use the site to buy quality products at reduced prices for her properties. The site has thousands of products from doors and hobs to washing machines and windows.


Using Builders Bay has helped Janet to save costs and maximise her profits. The products that she was able to buy on Builders Bay were up to 45% cheaper than any other store. For example: she saved £210 on a fridge that needed replacing in one of her properties and £100 on an oak door.


“Having five rental properties has meant that some months the costs have piled up. Since finding Builders Bay I have managed to cut costs where I need to and still carry out the necessary repairs to my properties using quality products. I’d recommend all landlords to try Builders Bay for themselves.”

Janet Liphook